14 Ekim 2010

Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

I am going to talk to you about hemorrhoids and in particular about ways to alleviate some of the pains from hemorrhoids. Now, in this clip we're going to talk about herbal remedies. One of the common use of herbs is the witch hazel which has reportedly have some kind of antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties in it. If you look at this Picture that have of witch hazel, this is the plant that it looks like in the wild or witch hazel.

You can see it kind of looks like most common gren plants, but you don't need to go out and search for witch hazel because witch hazel can be readily available in the drugstores in either tablet from or mix with other kind of herbal medicine which are compressed and put into get tablets that you can swallow or, like for example here, you can buy this in the drugstore which is hemorrhoidal pre-moistened medical wipes that they've actually incorporated witch hazel into the wipes, into the towelettes, so that when you pass a bowel movement you can use a towelette to clean the area and also it has the witch hazel and other like alloy in it to lubricate and to decrease the risk factor of getting infection when the hemorrhoids bleeding or if it's really at a very bad stage.

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